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Artwall is an international contemporary art magazine.Published monthly, keeping you in touch with the best of the contemporary art world, music, poetry and great analyses from independent critics. If you wish to get closer to the new art produced in the world you need Artwall !


To inspire, inform, critique, divulge, review, promote, showcase, events & debate




   A creative concept of publication, public and acessible, with free acess for all, artists and art lovers. With open doors for the contemporary, irreverent, revolutionary, courageous and intrigante.An art that pulsates with life and the spirit of the great navigators.

   With a different and unique style, made by artists, integrating graphics, visual art, music and literature, ArtwALL is a symphony of colours and textures.Our zine is more than a magazine, it's a virtual space, a form of expression of our integrated ideas.Each issue a new emotion, a channel that opens, traveling farther than what our legs could go.The junction with the music and literature redirects our publication for a holistic design, where all the main points of sensitivity are touched...sound, image, ideas & concepts, bringing to our readers an innovative publication.